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Global Math Department
  • Tuesday, March 26, 2019 · 9:00 PM EDT
    Students enter school bursting with curiosity about the world. To create confident problem solvers, teachers in the modern mathematics classroom must learn to activate and nurture that curiosity, going beyond mere development of skills and rote me...
  • Tuesday, March 12, 2019 · 9:00 PM EDT
    All students deserve a classroom where their learning needs do not hinder their access to the mathematics. Come learn about strategies that you can use to support your students while not sacrificing rigor. I will also discuss issues related to spe...
  • Tuesday, March 5, 2019 · 9:00 PM EST
    Students benefit from hands-on tasks exploring number, area, and fractional relationships when the value of the whole changes. We’ll explore different ways to provide opportunities for students to make connections and develop number sense.
We are math teachers who share what we've learned, because we don't want our classes to drain the energy from students. Professional development among friends, not just colleagues. Fun! Immediately useful! Interesting!