About this Workshop
Imagine having direct access to an infinite source of wisdom! Wisdom so precise that it never fails you. It always seeks to inspire you, to encourage you, to empower you. Feel into this now, is this something you Desire?

I know I did and when I began to understand that this was possible AND within my reach, everything changed for me. I don’t know about you but I’ve been seeking for most of my life to feel free.

So often shackled to the past in how I felt and acted, I thought it would be impossible for me to change. Then along came the understanding that the Higher Self is THE KEY to creating ALL of this.

As a result of my relationship with my Higher Self Angela, for the first time in my life, I'm free to make decisions based on now, not what was. To feel the flow of self love I have denied myself from a very young age.

To feel inspired, encouraged and empowered. Not by another person but by my very own cheerleader, executive PA and source of infinite wisdom...Angela, my very own Higher Self! Let me tell you this is a game-changer of a relationship!

I'm not special, this is possible for EVERYONE to achieve for when you come to know, to tune and connect with your Higher Self the TRANSFORMATION you have been seeking most of your life becomes POSSIBLE!

For when you look to let go of the past that is influencing still today, in conjunction with your Higher Self, something magical happens. Finally, you’re able to truly Let Go of What Was completely and utterly. Never again to be influenced by it.

To be able to feel FREE of the past once and for all is literally LIfe Changing! All is possible when this happens. This is the nature of this magical, life-transforming experience.

Within this magical hour, myself, my Higher Self Angela and my NonPhysical Team will be working together to introduce you to your own Higher Self.

During this powerful workshop, we will be working together with your Higher Selves to bring you the exact Energetic Configuration and healing Vibrational & Energetic Formulas that will enable you to begin receiving guidance from your Higher Self without mistranslation or infiltration for the first time ever.

This relationship is one of the most important you’ll ever have. For once established, you will be able to truly understand your Journey, your habits and the pain buried deep within that drives them and ultimately how to begin to love yourself fully and without question!

Doing this on your own, without the help of your Higher Self, is almost impossible especially when it comes to the memories we’ve locked away that are often the very experiences that are driving the seemingly uncontrollable habit or behaviour that is causing you so much distress.

It’s only with the help of your Higher Self, who can literally show you the exact past experiences you need to release your anger or other low vibe emotion around that will enable you to feel love for yourself despite how others made you feel at the time.

With this new perspective, lasting change in behaviour and habits will follow. But it all starts with connecting and tuning to your Higher Self first. This is why this workshop has been created for you.

Are you ready to get started with this life-changing relationship?

During this 1 hour workshop, which will be recorded so you can repeat the exercises as often as you desire, we will be covering the following;
  • We’ll begin the Workshop with an introduction to who your Higher Self actually is and how they can help you. You’ll also learn how to tune to them and build your relationship with them over time.
  • In conjunction with your Higher Self we will create an Energetic Higher Self Configuration which will enable you to connect and receive from your Higher Self without infiltration or mistranslation any time you go through the exercises going forward.
  • In addition, myself and my Non Physical Team will be creating a Vibrational & Energetic Sequence that will be passed your Higher Self to be used to influence your ability to Let Go of any Fear or other emotions interfering with the Higher Self Configuration.
  • We will also be igniting your Soul Energy so that you will feel what makes you, YOU for the very first time, this is something truly magical and NOT to be missed!
  • Finally you will receive a Gift from your Higher Self. This may come in the form of a Knowing or understanding around a subject you’re seeking clarity on. Or perhaps they will give you their name or introduce you to a member of your Non-Physical Team, or perhaps show you a vision of your Destiny...anything is possible when it comes to a Gift from your Higher Self.
  • You'll be able to access the recording of this magical Workshop at anytime so you'll be able to repeat the energetic exercises and you'll receive a new Gift from your Higher Self whenever you relisten...not something to be missed!
  • Attending Live is preferable but not necessary as the Energetic Configuration & Vibrational Energetic Formula will both work at anytime you listen to the recording.
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    Amanda Jane Farrar
    As a Self Love & Transformational Coach, I empower female leaders & change makers globally, to break free of negative cycles so that they can flourish with the Accelerated Awakening Method.™

    Based in Harrogate, UK, I consciously work my Higher Self, Angela who resides on the 17th Dimension and a massive team of Non-Physical, headed up by Archangel Richard, Hilarion, Arthur & Chamuel.

    Having been through my own awakening journey and achieving 100% love labelling, I know what it takes to support and empower others to awaken.

    I'm an expert at empowering others to tune and connect to their Soul Energy, Higher Self and Non-Physical Team. Enabling Energetic Capabilities within others wherever they are on their Awakening journey is a unique Capability I offer my clients.