Post-polio syndrome is a nervous system condition that can develop 15 to 50 years after someone is infected with polio. It is rarely a life-threatening condition, but its symptoms can impact your quality of life and everyday independent functioning. The condition affects your nerves and muscles, causing fatigue, weakness, joint pain, muscle pain, paresthesia, and reduced tolerance to cold.

William Britt is the Founder and Director of the Association of Patient Advocates and has been diagnosed with Post Polio Syndrome. Join us to hear how cannabis can be used to manage the symptoms of PPS and other musculoskeletal conditions like MS.
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    Farmacy Cannabis Lecture Series
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    William Britt
    Founder and Director of the Association for Patient Advocates
    As director of the Association of Patient Advocates over the last 25 years, William ‘Bill’ Britt has assisted hundreds of Medical Cannabis patients forced into court to convince judges and juries that they deserve the right to use, cultivate, manufacture, and even distribute cannabis for medical purposes. Over the years he has interviewed thousands of medical and recreational users of cannabis regarding methods and patterns of use. He also spoke with hundreds of doctors and healthcare professionals, cultivation experts, people who manufacture cannabis extracts and edible products, distributors, law enforcement officials, attorneys, scientists and other experts.

    Felix Kha, one of the patients Bill assisted, ended up having his cannabis returned after taken away by police (the case went all the way to the US Supreme Court and eventually forced all California enforcement agencies to return cannabis to patients). In 2002 Bill was arrested in Washington DC blocking the entrance to the HHS Building with other patients calling for rescheduling of cannabis, and later in 2002, filed a lawsuit with the Federal Government to reschedule, which was denied. He was also part of a lawsuit which forced San Diego County to recognize and provide County issued Cannabis Identification Cards.

    Bill is currently on the Panel of Experts for L.A. County Superior Court (2007-present), as a Cannabis Expert Witness regarding Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution, Patterns of use, and Child Endangerment and has testified as an expert in every county in Southern California (over 300 times).

    He is also a medical cannabis patient himself, living with Post-Polio Syndrome and Epilepsy most of his life, but found early on that cannabis provides much better relief from his symptoms than any Rx drug ever did. After over 30 years of taking anti-seizures medications and still having seizures, he began using only cannabis and has been seizure free for the last 25 years.

    Recently (before the pandemic) he has been working with Orange County NORML and other groups to provide Cannabis training and education classes including Cannabis 101 and Budtender training. He has also gave lectures for students at Oaksterdam University in the past. (2007-2009)

    Over the last 25 years as a patient advocate, he has built a database of resources, information, studies, service providers, experts and patients regarding the use and benefits of cannabis for medical purposes.

    “My goals are to reduce the current fears and stigma associated with cannabis through education, training and to provide consulting services to government officials, healthcare professionals, corporations and Potrepreneurs. Patients are still suffering needlessly and they need access to safe and affordable cannabis right now.”