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The #1 Webinar Hosting & Automation Platform
Inspire more people, automate your marketing, and grow your business though webinars and videos.
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Live, On-Demand, and Automated Webinar Software
for Marketing, Selling, Onboarding, and Engagement
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    Webinar Hosting
    Powerful live, on-demand, recurring, and evergreen webinars
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    Webinar Marketing
    Customizable landing pages, email, and analytics to grow your audience
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    Self-driving webinars to help you create automated sales funnels
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    Personalized online room for product demos and sales meetings
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    Webinar Series COMING SOON
    All-in-one platform for video-based summits, series, and courses
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    Webcast COMING SOON
    Highly-scalable broadcast solution to reach large audiences
Host Modern Webinars
Host simple, powerful webinars that inspire your audience—and make you look great!
  • Up to 9 presenters on video
  • HD Streaming
  • Branding & Customization
  • Interactive Engagement Features
  • International Telephone Dial-in
Stop talking at your audience.
Start talking with them!
BigMarker is built for interactivity! Invite attendees on stage, or to participate in other ways with deeply integrated engagement features.
  • Chat — Public and Private
  • Q&A with Upvoting, Answering & Publishing
  • Polling, Surveys, Google Forms & Handouts
  • Call to Action Pop-ups
  • Raise Hands & Invite On-stage
Designed to help you grow. Learn how!
Give your audience every opportunity to take the next step
As a webinar platform built from the ground-up for marketers, we’ve carefully considered every opportunity to help you drive business results.

For example, you can add a customized CTA to your Registration Confirmation page, giving your audience another chance to engage before your event.
Automated & Evergreen Webinars: Reach more people without more work
Attending an Automated or Evergreen webinar is more like attending a live webinar than watching a recording. Automated & Evergreen webinars are more immersive, jumping off the page with audience interaction.
  • Add automated chats to drive conversation
  • Replicate content from previous webinars
  • Create a dynamic, interactive environment
Powerful analytics: track, measure & optimize everything
Every webinar comes with the performance and engagement statistics you need to optimize webinar marketing, increase sales, and maximize ROI. Analytics are available on your webinar dashboard and are automatically emailed to you after every event.
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Integrate your CRM, marketing, and email platforms
Seamlessly connect BigMarker to your marketing and sales technology stack
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“BigMarker is the #1 thing that has grown my business.”
Jill Salzman, Founder & CEO, The Founding Moms
“I love BigMarker. You really should consider this platform.”
Cassie Petoskey, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement, Northwestern University
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