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  • About
    The 2020 Thrive Summit was created to educate, equip, and empower individuals and advocates to create the change we all want to see.

    It's a 2-DAY SUMMIT (October 29th from 6pm-8pm MST and November 1st from 2pm to 6pm MST) that is comprised of webinars and open discussions.

    With your purchase to the 2020 THRIVE SUMMIT, you'll get access to both days. All you need is the link and you're in! Super simple just how we like it. Once you register look in your email for the link and some friendly reminders.

    You just need to register for Day One and you will get an email with access to Day 2 as soon as Day 1 is over.

    One SUMMIT, 2 days, one price.

    What to Expect at the 2020 Thrive Summit - DAY ONE & DAY TWO
  • Agenda
    • Keynote Address - Audrey May Prosper, The Power of Decision & The 6 Steps to Forgiveness
    • Q&A with Audrey
    • Special Interview with Surprise Guest
    • Open Discussion - David & Audrey Prosper, The Negative Impacts of Language and Labelling
    • OUTCOMES>>>Attendees will understand the impact unresolved trauma has on our ability to make healthy decisions.
    • Attendees will be inspired to realize their power to decide and feel motivated to take action.
    • Attendees will understand the importance of community support and the positive impact it has on our ability to heal.
    • Attendees will have a high-level understanding of ACE's and the role they play in domestic violence.
    • Attendees will experience an open dialogue around how we prevent abuse and better serve those facing it.
    • Attendees will experience the importance of a roots focused approach and how we can change the narrative.
    • Attendees will know the 6 Steps to Forgiveness and How to Use Them
    • DAY TWO ----------------------- November 1st from 2pm to 6pm MST
    • Keynote Address - Charmin Anderson, I Can’t Afford to Give Up Now!
    • Q&A with Charmin Anderson
    • Open Discussion - Audrey & Special Guest, The Warning Signs Nobody's Talking About
    • Workshop - April Tribe Giauque, The Supporters Toolkit
    • Sermon - Florenza Denise Lee, The Power to BE
    • OUTCOMES>>>>>Attendees will understand the true power of the human spirit & how to tap into it.
    • Attendees will learn new warning signs and how to spot them.
    • Attendees will understand the importance of being a supporter and how to best safely support someone trying to escape.
    • Attendees will feel motivated and inspired to be the change in our own lives, the lives of our family's and our communities.
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