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BigMarker combines modern features with a browser-based, no-download experience. So the spotlight is on your content, not on the technology.
Modern webinar software lets your brand shine
Other webinar software is incomplete, so you’re left fending for yourself to integrate email marketing, webinar landing pages, and video content management tools. BigMarker’s different: BigMarker has it all.
  • Custom webinar email campaigns
  • Customize webinar landing pages
  • Customize the live webinar interface
  • Customize the on-demand webinar experience
Modern webinar software is more interactive
While other webinar software limits the number of people that can participate in your webinars, BigMarker doesn’t limit the number of people that can participate on screen or through engaging features.
  • Invite any audience member on-screen
  • Moderate live real-time Q&A sessions
  • Host a Twitter chat from inside your webinar
  • Capture valuable data with polling
Modern webinar software means no downloads
BigMarker runs in the cloud — through your web browser — so people get in easily with no downloads
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Modern webinar software means tons of features
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    No downloads!
    Stop wasting time downloading software. Our webinars run in browsers like Chrome and Firefox for an easier process.
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    Customize your room
    Add your logo and theme color to the conference room for a fully branded webinar experience.
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    Record unlimited webinars to build a library of content. Generate leads or sell tickets with recorded video.
  • Interactive-img-1
    Public & private chat
    Moderate chats and get immediate feedback while the webinar is in progress. Private chat among presenters.
  • Interactive-img-2
    Q&A and upvoting
    Field questions in a simple list format. As the webinar audience upvotes questions, the best rise to the top.
  • Interactive-img-3
    Polls & quizzes
    Capture feedback and data from your audience. Check their understanding. Get access to all data in your report.
  • Interactive-img-4
    Bring anyone on screen
    More than a one-way stream, webinars are truly interactive in that anyone can share and participate from anywhere.
  • Interactive-img-5
    Choose the best time to make handouts available to your webinar audience, adding value through content.
  • Interactive-img-6
    Host a Twitter chat
    Link your Twitter hashtag to your webinar to engage a larger audience and benefit from network effects.
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