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Your Personalized Meeting Space

Host instant online meetings and screen shares in your own no-download web conference room
One-Click Screen Sharing & Web Conferencing
Send out your personalized link. Click start. Meet anywhere, anytime.
  • Enter with one click
    Start a web conference instantly. Join meetings from the browser.
  • Just share your link
    Email it or add it to a calendar invite. No software to install.
  • Open or closed rooms
    Allow people to join the web conference instantly, or make them knock first
  • Customize your space
    Change the name and theme to make it your own
Did we mention there’s no software downloads?
BigMarker runs in the cloud — through your web browser — so people get into your web conferences instantly
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  • Share your screen
    Share your entire screen or a single application window
  • Up to 25 people
    Unlimited audio with up to 9 video feeds at a time
  • Videos, decks, handouts
    Play videos, present your slides, and offer downloadable resources
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