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With the hashtag #PayrollIsAnIndustry currently trending thanks to the Global Payroll Association, there is a palpable shift in the profession and its strategic importance, upending the stigma of being the ‘unsexy’ HR relation that's oftentimes dealt with at arm’s length.

The impact of COVID-19 accelerated innovation in payroll like never before. And HR and payroll specialists have delivered when it mattered most during the pandemic.

As organizations prioritize skills, mobilize internal talent, tap into gig workers and continue to adjust to the evolving future of hybrid working, payroll has to be ready to respond and provide a solid foundation for its business and its people.
Now, it is time organizations moved payroll up the business agenda, invested in digital solutions, and resolved the disconnection between payroll systems, HR, and Finance.

If HR transformation is on your agenda, then you can't do it without payroll. That's why this session is a must-attend. Pay isn't just for payroll specialists. This is for everyone in HR.
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  • Explore the top 5 payroll innovations in a post-pandemic world
  • Cut through the hype of payroll technology – which new innovations are really making a difference?
  • Discover strategies for gaining complete global oversight and managing multi-country payroll
  • Hear how to build your business case for payroll to be a bigger part of digital HR transformation


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