Huna & Ho'oponopono Experiential Online Workshop Part 1
Feedback from the Online Huna Workshop attendees:

"The clearing of the stage had a beautiful bright light with a glittery energy that was filling me up. It was warm. A great feeling of alignment, chakras open and an excited sense of new beginning, newness to life. Sheer happiness and excited for what's to come."

"I felt like my body, mind & chakras were all cleansed . Cobwebs cleared, old ideas broken up and cleared out. At the end a bright light - angel like providing a wonderful healing light over me"

"Some energies were gentle, some more powerful feelings, releasing stress, kind warming energies, relief, grateful feeling, shifting energy, tears of relief, deeper breathing, some felt in my heart / chest area, some in my left side of my head. At some point I was almost in deep trans or sleep and in other I was letting go of negative emotions pretty fast."

And yes, the wonderful Huna Energy and Symbols do also translate and work via the recordings. Grab your lifetime access while it's available! Click the 'Buy Now' button, top right of the screen. You then have instant access to the Workshop.


This workshop was a day of 2 halves. In Part 1 included:

* Introduction to Hawaiian Huna
* Huna Correspondences
* Ho'oponopono - Beyond the Social Media Words
* The Assumptions of Huna Magic
* Huna Magic in Action

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In Part 2 included:

* Exploring the Huna Symbols - Energy Experiential for Each
* Huna Energy Clearing Sessions
* Individual Energy Clearing Requests
* Prime Directives of the Aumakua (Higher Self)
* Group Ho'oponopono Forgiveness Process
* The Ahi Fire Ritual

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About Your Workshop Facilitator Marilyn Devonish

Marilyn Devonish is a Certified Trainer of NLP, Certified Trainer of Hypnosis, Certified Trainer of Timeline Therapy, Certified PhotoReading Instructor, Certified Life and Executive Coach, and a Multi-Disciplinary Therapist including Huna Practitioner, having studied out in Hawaii, and a Soul Plan Reader, Archetypal Profiling Coach, and Practitioner in Past Life Regression, Access Consciousness, EFT, DNA Theta Healing, Energetic NLP, OTH, Future Life Progression, Tarot, and Reiki.

She is also a Business Graduate, Corporate Trainer, Freelance Newspaper and Magazine Writer, Management Consultant, and has also been a Remote Working Implementation Consultant since 2003.

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  • Introduction to Hawaiian Huna
  • Ho'oponopono - Beyond the Social Media Words
  • The Assumptions of Huna Magic
  • Huna Magic in Action
  • Close of Part 1 - Part 2 begins after lunch for those attending live
Marilyn Devonish
This webinar will show you…
  • 1634819565-bede3c1a9fbf884e
    An overview of Huna; what is, where it's from, how it works, and what you can expect from the day.
  • 1634819724-9ec0cf2ee7adc7a3
    I will take you on a journey through some of the Assumptions of Huna Magic, and show you how to start creating change and transformation in your daily life.
  • 1634819973-c73ed2ac91ab847b
    Many people have heard the social media words version of Ho'oponopono; I'm sorry. I love you .... During this session we will take you beyond the words and explore the wider process.