This session is for developers, IT ops, or data teams who want to fuse the Universal Automation Center (UAC) to their DevOps or DataOps lifecycle management process.

Tim Holmberg, Enterprise Automation Specialist at Donegal Insurance Group, will jump on to share his story about how Donegal has orchestrated its UAC DevOps lifecycle process.

Colin Cocksedge, Director of Product Management at Stonebranch, will then demonstrate how to create, edit, test, and promote workflows using two separate methods within the UAC.

• Method one: follows UAC’s self-contained lifecycle management functionality, using the UAC’s GUI

• Method two: uses a jobs-as-code approach, which allows users to:
• Seamlessly transfer any UAC objects like tasks, triggers, and scripts to SCM repositories like Github
• Check out files to any IDE, such as Visual Studio, to modify or create new configurations
• Propagate changes to the next environment, such as QA and Production

Tim Holmberg
Enterprise Automation Specialist, Donegal Insurance
Tim Holmberg is an Enterprise Automation Specialist for Donegal Insurance Group. He assists developers with the creation and implementation of automation processes within the Stonebranch Universal Automation Center (UAC) and maintains the UAC platform. Mr. Holmberg has been with Donegal for more than 25 years, holding a variety of roles that include mainframe operations, network administration, and agency interface automation. Prior to Donegal, he provided tech support for Gateway personal computers at the height of Gateway's success in the late 1980s to early 1990s. Mr. Holmberg holds a degree in mainframe computer programming.
Colin Cocksedge
Director of Product Management, Stonebranch
Colin Cocksedge is Director of Product Management at Stonebranch, where he is responsible for driving the product strategy of Stonebranch, with a strong focus on maximizing the business value of Stonebranch's software portfolio in the field of workload automation. Mr. Cocksedge joined Stonebranch in the year 2000. He has held various positions within the company’s technical organization, from the Pre-Sales and Technical Service departments to Product Management.
Nadia Davis (Session Moderator)
Sr. Marketing Manager - Global Campaigns, Stonebranch
Nadia is a seasoned technology marketer with experience spanning healthcare technology, data technology, InsurTech, and FinTech. She works with Product, Engineering, and Development teams to help tell complex technology stories in a value-driven easy-to-understand way. Nadia holds an MBA from West Texas A&M University.
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