Homeschooling gives you the opportunity to teach your children nearly everything, but how much is too much? Not every topic is easy to discuss. Whether it be tragic historical events, depravity in the modern world, or even identifying body parts, there are many topics that may make a parent or child uncomfortable. We’re here to help you broach the conversations because they are still important. Explore what and when to teach, how to navigate opposition from your child or someone else, and understand when questioning might be a sign of something deeper. Let Sonlight guide you with Amber, Sheila, and Sunny.

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1639518107-6d7af1c812eb85d1 Sheila DelCharco
Homeschool Veteran & Mentor

With a degree in secondary English education, Sonlight was an obvious choice when Sheila DelCharco decided to homeschool her three children. When her oldest asked to go to a small Christian high school, Sheila was concerned about he would transition to the classroom environment. Her fears were laid to rest when she saw his first report card, and even more so when she sat in on a class. He graduated high school with honors and has graduated from the University of Florida in Finance. Her other two children homeschooled through high school and were accepted to the honor's program at the University of North Florida. Sheila is convinced that exposing them to all those books over the years is what led them to this point. Because of her passion for literature-based learning, she is a veteran Sonlight consultant, drawing on her own experience when speaking with families at homeschool conventions for the past 18 years.

1639603558-bf43ac759f314182 Sunny Raybern
Community Manager

Sunny has loved books as long as she can remember. Her own parents discovered Sonlight at a convention and knew the literature and history focus would be perfect for her. She never planned to homeschool her own children past pre-k, but when her daughter learned to read, she was hooked. She has educated both of her children entirely with Sonlight. In her spare time, Sunny enjoys reading (of course), musicals, hiking, and being in or near water.

1639517706-5c3305f6b04337d4 Amber Severance
Sonlight Curriculum Consultant

Before becoming a wife and mom, Amber Severance was a high school teacher and coach at a private school in San Jose, CA. She has been homeschooling since 2002 when her oldest child began pre-k with Sonlight. Amber has five children – one attending graduate school, two in college, one in high school, and one beginning 5th grade. Because of her husband's graduate schooling and employment, she has had the opportunity to homeschool in four different states. Currently living in Lynchburg, VA, Amber is a full-time homemaker who enjoys encouraging others by serving in children's ministry, mentoring college girls, and leading a ladies' bible study.

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