Inside Biochar: Experts Discuss Activated Charcoal and Herd Health in Canada

If oil was the “black gold” of the twentieth century, biochar will be the “black gold” of the twenty-first. Biochar, activated charcoal, wood charcoal, sequestered carbon—whatever name you call it, it’s arrived on the Canadian agricultural landscape with a bang, and it’s here to stay.

Environmentalists have long been touting biochar as an important way to sequester carbon (mitigating carbon emissions) and improve soils. But Europe has also long been using biochar in animal feed, to improve gut health in livestock, increase milk and egg production, and even reduce odours.

This free interactive panel discussion will show how Canadian farmers are using activated charcoal today, what the latest biochar research is saying, and what direction the application of biochar to Canadian farms might take over the near future. You’ll hear:
- Kathleen Draper share the many uses of biochar in agriculture around the world.
- Dr. Abigail Carpenter explains what she has learned in studying biochar’s effects on methane gas production and gut health of dairy cows.
- Aaron Smith talk about his use of activated charcoal in his prized holstein cows over the last 12 months.

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