OSCE Live from the Border Podcast
In this great series of podcasts, the OSCE TNTD/BSMU is interviewing front-line officers at the borders in an effort to answer questions on the challenges border agencies face in the current situation on the field.
About these Podcasts
The spread of the novel coronavirus is having disruptive effects on the freedom of movement of people and goods across the borders, affecting also the usual operation of border security and management agencies in the OSCE area and beyond.

Front-line officers at the borders are the first ones to be confronted with this new reality. They have to face numerous challenges, from those deriving from the restricted access to the border crossing for people and goods to the difficulties connected to setting up a border crossing point where it did not exist anymore (e.g. Schengen zone).

They have to face the challenges to keep themselves and others safe and protected from the virus while performing their duties. Furthermore, they have to address specific questions and requests of people wishing to cross the border, despite the restrictive measures.

The COVID-19 outbreak generated multiple legitimate questions: are front-line officers ready to respond to all these unprecedented situations? Are they trained to manage the potential implications of health crises at the borders? Do they have adequate resources, tools and protective equipment? Do they identify innovative ways to effectively respond to the new circumstances? What are the best practices and lessons learned that can be shared with their colleagues?

In a new series of podcasts, the OSCE TNTD/BSMU is interviewing front-line officers at the borders in an effort to answer the above-mentioned questions and illustrate the current situation on the field.
Sessions in this Podcasts
  • Ep 13 - Mr. Valiant Richey, OSCE Special Rep. and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings
  • Ep 12 - Mr. Andrew Priestley, Expert on Advance Passenger Information (API) and Passenger Name Record (PNR)
  • Ep 11 - Mr. Simon Deignan, Programme Management Officer in the UN Countering Terrorist Travel Progamme
  • Ep 10 - Ms. Elizabeth Collett, Special Adviser for Policy and Strategy to the Director General, IOM
  • Ep 9 - Mr. Massimo Bontempi, Central Director, Central Directorate, Immigration and Border Police, Italy
  • Ep 8 - Ms. Erjola Borova, Chief Commissar of the Albanian Border Police
  • Ep 7 - Mr. Vasko Mitevski, Monitoring Officer, OSCE Special Monitoring Mission, Ukraine
  • Ep6 - Mr. Jonathan Holland, Director of the OSCE’s Border Management Staff College, Dushanbe
  • Ep 5 - Ms Tanja Ilijoska, Customs Administration Republic of North Macedonia
  • Ep 4 - Mr Dennis Cosgrove, Head of the OSCE Border Security and Management Unit
  • Ep 3 - Mr Franz Zeiner - Austrian Police, Unit for migration control
  • Ep 2 - Mr Ghenadie Astrahan, Border Police of Moldova
    In this episode, Mr. Astrahan elaborates on the challenges the Moldovan Borde...
  • Ep 1 - Ms Zaineb Gharbi, Border Police of Tunisia
    Angelisa Corbo talks to Ms. Zaineb Gharbi, a Lieutenant Colonel at the border...
  • Ep 14 - Ms. Mona Koehler-Schindler, Associate Human Rights Officer on Anti-Terrorism Issues at ODIHR
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