eTourism Summit Virtual


About eTourism Summit Virtual

It’s our 21st birthday and we are marking it with 21 days of virtual content during the month of October. You’re invited to join us each day—or as often as you like—for 60 minutes of relevant conversations and discussions with bright stars among our peer group and sharp, cutting-edge vendors who are leading the way into the next normal.

Daily Panel Discussions (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday): Join us for these 60-minute panel conversations as travel industry peers discuss how to prepare us for winning in 2021. Topics vary daily.

Weekly Keynotes (Wednesday): Listen to these informed voices who will provide thought-provoking commentary and keynotes on the travel climate moving forward.

Flashback Fridays: Tune in every Friday for this one-hour breakout session to brainstorm the week’s hot topic(s) with industry friends.
Sessions to Join
  • Sarah Quinlan Keynote: Winning the Travel Race - It's Not a Marathon, It's a Sprint
    There has been a fundamental shift in travel, especially within the leisure segment. Consumer confidence is at an all time low. How d... View more
  • Because "How Do You Feel?" is Absolut...
    Balancing Resident Sentiment with Traveler Sentiment in 2021
    Before anyone ever heard of Covid-19, Longwoods International conducted a survey of 4,000 adults to measure perceptions and attitudes... View more
  • With Scarcity Comes Clarity
    "2021 Marketing Plan": Those are three scary words, right? But this is your mission should you choose to accept it. We're facing an e... View more
  • The Numbers Game is Over: Replace ROI with ROO (Return on Objective)
    What does success look like? The days of biggest and best, tallying up visitor percentage increases, and counting heads in beds are o... View more
  • Brian Solis Keynote: Tourism Innovation in the Novel Economy and Beyond in a Post-COVID World
    Learn how to innovate now, rather than hunkering down just to play it safe. See new opportunities that you couldn’t see before. Brian... View more
  • Sharpen the Tools in Your Box: DMO Marketing Stacks That Work for Your Team
    When you're standing at the top of the ladder, it's the wrong time to discover that the screwdriver in your hand doesn't fit. Discove... View more
  • Shifting Your Brand Positioning When "Culture, Shopping, Dining, & Fun for the Whole Family" Disappears
    Every destination needs to take a good, long look at brand promise. Update the website, content, social messaging and advertising onl... View more
  • Your Target Traveler Has Changed: How Do You Reach Them Now?
    The travel landscape has changed drastically, and who used to come to your destination is probably not the same as those coming to yo... View more
  • Treat Me, Don't Trick Me
    Many former leisure and business travelers are going to take some convincing to pack their suitcase again. Disclosing safety and clea... View more
  • NYC & Company Keynote: Grass Roots Recovery: Doubling Down on Community
    Community and tourism are inextricably linked. New York City gives us the best example of a mega-sized destination taking a micro-siz... View more
  • Show Me the Money...TikTok or Not? How Do We Know What to Do In 2021?
    The marketing landscape is more complicated than ever. How can we look ahead into 2021 when we have no idea what the world will look ... View more
  • Do Pictures Really Paint 1,000 Words?
    Visuals are crucial to successful marketing initiatives. The images and videos we use have an enormous impact on the success of our d... View more
  • Without Booming Tourism, Is There Any Room—Or Need—For Influencer Marketing?
    Everything you always knew about influencers has changed...or maybe not? How is coronavirus affecting travel influencers and destinat... View more
  • Who's Passionate About Virtual Everything? Nobody.
    Meetings Marketing: Nobody, but nobody, would argue that online networking is better than in-person meetings. There's certainly a sen... View more
  • Down For Whatever, Just Not Right Now: Timely Marketing to Passion Points
    Going to the beach and taking hikes in state and national parks were so last summer. Ski resorts are facing complications. There's li... View more
  • How the Tourism Landscape is Changing: Why Identity Matters and the Death of Cookies
    The COVID-19 pandemic and the current trend of third-party cookie deprecation has had a big impact on the tourism industry - it’s nev... View more
  • Keynote Panel: Facebook, Google and Pandora
    Brainiacs Without the Bluster: A keynote panel of travel vertical leaders from the digital space add their personal insights and insi... View more
  • Use the Power of Data and Machine Learning to Strengthen Your Travel and Tourism Brand
    Branding is your biggest asset—a strong, trustworthy brand makes all the difference. Yet, with so much content, channels and noise ou... View more
  • How These Cool Tools Embraced the Truism That 'Necessity Is the Mother of Invention'
    Did you know that Airbnb, Uber, WhatsApp, Slack, Square, and Venmo were all born out of the last recession? It will happen View more
  • Demystified: Measuring Campaign Success
    More so than ever marketers must be able to show that an investment in media drove actual visitation. What tools are available to you... View more
  • Coaxing Folks Off the Couch: Exploring the Backyard & Beyond Plus the Power of Downtown
    Your 2021 marketing plan is probably dotted with partners who didn't appear in last year's marketing plan, right? Well done. If not, ... View more
  • Rethinking Your Strategy During COVID
    The tourism industry has been hit hard by COVID-19, forcing destinations to cut programs and scale back. But It’s also provided DMOs ... View more
  • Travel Industry Hot Takes
    Join Destination Analysts who will lead a heated and hilarious discussion with a panel of very opinionated travel industry "professio... View more
  • Machine Learning Workshop presented by CRANT
    During this one hour virtual workshop we will demystify Machine Learning and understand the different types of that you might alread... View more
  • Curated Crystal Ball Alert. "See Tomorrow" is More Important Than Ever: 20 Predictions for 2021
    Raise your hand if you learned a ton this year...the hard way. While nobody saw 2020 coming and we don't have a crystal ball for 2021... View more
  • 21 Takeaways to Carry Into 2021
    The hallmark of eTourism Summit? Thought-provoking takeaways for sharing to navigate the way ahead. We asked attendees, moderators, s... View more
  • Taking Steps Towards Machine Learning in the Travel and Tourism Industry
    Hi! We are CRANT and we’re thrilled to have you join us in this first session to discuss how you can start taking your first steps to... View more
  • Content as the Gateway to Travel
    Brands are integrating content best practices to drive local tourism in their state. Learn tips and tricks from Rachel-Jean Firchau, ... View more
  • Post-COVID Landscape: Travel Vertical
    Net Conversion analysts break down challenges and trends of the COVID environment and discuss solutions for organizations in the trav... View more
  • Smart, Easy, Effective - Making Advanced TV Work
    Tourism has slowed due to the pandemic, but the opportunities to reach consumers with your message haven’t missed a beat. Find out ho... View more
  • Localhood for Everyone featuring Signe Jungersted
    Previously recorded from the July 3rd episode of The Future of Tourism, David Peacock, Senior Advisor of Future Tourism Group is join... View more