Contextualize To Revitalize Conference


Releasing on April 8, 2021, a premier Church Revitalization Master Class.

Powerful Sessions: Each session has been hand-picked to help your church go from some simply surviving to spiritually thriving!

Revitalization Pathways: This is not your typical conference with random topics but a comprehensive master class to help you travel the revitalization roadmap.

Value Packed: Over 16 insightful sessions from leading revitalization experts that cover church-wide spiritual renewal, strategic transformational steps, and contextualization for today’s challenging ministry environment.

Self-Paced: Attend fully or partially on April 8th and 9th or use the registration pass to complete this Master Class on-demand, at your own pace.

Affordable Price: Similar courses like this can cost you hundreds of dollars, but we are making this limited time offer of $50 per individual or apply the 20% church group discount by entering the promo code “GROUP”.

The Church Revitalize Center is delighted to announce our continuing ministry partnerships with Compassion International and MNYBA:

Compassion International is a Christian child development organization dedicated to releasing children from poverty by working with local churches, follow this link to
Compassion International
to learn more about the ministry and then contact Rick Schluep at to explore how Compassion can serve your church.

Metropolitan New York Baptist Association serves as an avenue for local churches to connect with one another in order to partner in the spread of the Gospel, follow link to MNYBA.
Sessions in this Contextualize/Revitalize
  • By Dr. Mike Rubino
    Day 1 Welcome and Overview - Contextualize to Revitalize
    Day 1: Conference Welcome and Overview
  • By Dr. Mike Rubino
    Day 2 Welcome and Overview - Contextualize to Revitalize
    Day 2: Conference Welcome and Overview
  • Learn about our sponsor (short & free)
    Sponsor: About Compassion International
    See how your church can partner with this Christian Ministry releasing childr...
  • By Dr. Mike Rubino
    Contextualize to Revitalize: Traveling the Revitalization Road Map
    A changing landscape requires changing methods without changing the message. ...
  • By Dr. Sam Rainer
    The Right-Now Realities You Need to Know for Your context
    Bring into focus the Right-Now Realities you may not see.
  • by George Russ
    Revitalization Warnings Signs: When to Seek Help
    When is it time for a pair of fresh eyes on your church strategies?
  • By Claude King
    Return To Me: A Process for Church Spiritual Renewal
    Biblical process for church-wide, spiritual renewal.
  • By Dr. Gary Moritz
    The Importance of Tactical Prayer in Revitalization
    Prayer is a revitalization imperative by both the revitalizer and congregation.
  • By Dr. Kevin Smith
    Consistency: A Key to the Holy Spirit's Power
    New Christians and growing disciples require the power of God's Spirit workin...
  • By Dr. Jimbo Stewart
    Revitalizers Must Be Spiritual and Strategic
    Revitalizers be prepared for both a Spiritual Battle and Strategic Journey
  • By Dr. Thom Rainer
    The Changing Face of Ministry Training and Education
    The emergence of alternate education models for ministry.
  • By Dr. Chuck Lawless
    Revitalization Assessment Strategies
    State of the church assessments play a pivotal role in revitalize planning.
  • By Mark Clifton
    Replanting Strategic Pathways
    Churches can reach a crossroad where strategic changes need to be made.
  • By Joel Wayne
    The Importance of Mission and Vision on Revitalization
    “If you don’t know where you're going, any road will get you there.”
  • By Eric Lewis
    Pastoral Ministry: New Generation Multicultural Church
    Overcoming ministry challenges in diversified church settings
  • By Dr. Dan Eymann
    Lessons from Nehemiah: Resilience in Facing Obstacles
    Overcoming Revitalization Implementation Obstacles
  • By Dr. Mike Rubino
    Hybrid Church: On-line, On-site and on Mission
    What does a hybrid church look like and how do you get there.      
  • By Dr. Thomas McCuddy
    Conversations that Connect: Reaching a Reluctant Generation for Christ
    A methodology to build bridges to those who don't hold a Christian worldview.
  • By Jenny Smith
    Family Ministry: Impact on Long-term Church Viability
    Drawing parents and children together for church health
  • By Dr. Gregg Farah
    Disciple-Making: Transform Your Church to Transform the World
    How to start building a disciple-making culture in your church.
  • By Dr. Mike Rubino
    Contextualize To Revitalize Conference Closing
    Conference Closing Message. Summary and Next Steps