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Family Ministry: Impact on Long-term Church Viability

About This Webinar

An alarming number of adolescent Christians disengage with the church shortly after high school graduation. Any revitalization effort must address this phenomenon. Jenny Smith will make a presentation on the urgent need to address this problem holistically through family ministry. Church leaders and revitalizers need to know how to plan ministries that draw parents and children together instead of driving them apart (Mal. 4:6; Luke 1:17). If we do not make family ministry a priority, we will continue to see an ever-declining death rate in churches.

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Family Ministry
Jenny F. Smith Jenny is a Church Answers Coach and serves as a Family Minister at West Bradenton Baptist Church in Bradenton, Florida. She is passionate about equipping the church to disciple children to follow Jesus. Jenny also loves investing in other children’s ministry leaders through one-one-one conversations, informal gatherings, or speaking at national conferences (such as Group’s Kidmin Conference or Lifeway’s Etch).

She is married to Dan and mama of three sweet and crazy girls. After Jesus and family, she loves ice cream, Tennessee football, and the beach.
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