The MDC Customer Task Force (CTF) was established in 2015 to enable the mint industry to gain a clear understanding of the key issues affecting the different stakeholders for coins, and take action accordingly.

With a focus on legal tender circulation, commemorative and collectors coins, the CTF’s activities are directed at three groups of stakeholders - national authorities (ie. central banks or treasuries responsible for issue), retailers and dealers, and end-users (the public).

Each group has different needs and expectations regarding coins, ranging from security and innovation, trust and obligation, to public perception, seigniorage and attractiveness. For national authorities, an added requirement is efficiency in circulation.

Engaging with the national authorities, asking the right questions, identifying their priorities and recommending appropriate investment and action is a key function of the Customer Task Force.

It has achieved this through a series of in-person workshops, the last of which was held at the Coin Conference in Rome in 2019 on the topic of optimising the efficiency of coins in circulation and, critically, hoarding. Who knew, at the time, what was about to be unleashed on the world – and, for coins, the disruption this has caused to distribution channels, with hoarding still top of the agenda as countries and economies contend with a return to normality and cash transactions return.

The next in-person MDC Customer Task Force workshop will be held at the 2022 Coin Conference in Amsterdam this October. In the meantime, the Coins for Cash webinar on 22 June will bring together national authorities and other stakeholders in circulation coins for an update and discussion on the outcome of that 2019 workshop and subsequent developments due to COVID, whilst setting the scene for the October meeting in Amsterdam.

We will hear from Manfred Matzinger-Leopold, Chair of the MDC Technical Committee, from CTF convenor Dieter Merkle of Schuler and CTF member Guenther Waadt of the Bavarian Mint with an overview of CTF objectives and a resume of the 2019 meeting, along with updates from scientist and cash specialist Prof Franz Seitz of Weiden Technical University of Applied Sciences on the latest research on the subject and Andrea Nitsche of Cash Matters on the consumer and CIT perspective.

This will be followed by a panel discussion and a Q&A session.

We hope you will join us on 22 June to hear about and contribute to the latest developments in coins in the cash cycle.
Manfred Matzinger-Leopold
Chair of the MDC Technical Committee
Dieter Merkle
Dieter Merkle has been working with Schuler Presses since 1975. Today Dieter Merkle is the Director Global Minting of the Schuler Group. Besides, he has been in the board of Schuler India since 2004 and again Chairman since January 2020. Dieter Merkle has been active member of the Mint Directors Conference (MDC) Technical Committee and has also been entrusted with the organization and moderation of the Technical Forum of the World Money Fair since 2004. The MDC Member Mints started in May 2016 a Customer Task Force which is headed by Dieter Merkle to create awareness in the industry and connect to the customer base. Starting 2017, Dieter Merkle is representing the Schuler Group within the International Currency Association, since May 2017 as a board member.
Guenther Waadt
Bavarian Mint
Günther Waadt graduated in mechanical and economical engineering. In 1998 he was appointed as Director of the Bavarian State Mint. Since 1998 he held several posts within international committees like the Mint Directors Working Group (MDWG), the MDC and the Technical Committee of the MDC. Since 2011 Günther Waadt is Vice – President of MDWG.
Prof Franz Seitz
Weiden Technical University of Applied Sciences
Professor Franz Seitz teaches Economics with a special focus on Monetary Policy and Financial Markets at Weiden Technical University of Applied Sciences. He is author of numerous articles in national and international journals. His main fields of research are monetary theory and policy, financial markets as well as payments markets, especially cash in circulation. For many years now, Professor Seitz is acting as a consultant in different projects for central banks, commercial banks and financial as well as non-financial corporations.
Andrea Nitsche
Cash Matters
Andrea Nitsche is Chair of Cash Matters, a civil society movement funded by the International Currency Association (ICA). She holds an M.A. in Liberal Arts and worked in various industries, both in corporations and associations, always in communications with a focus on media relations, advocacy and crisis communication. She used to live in Canada, studying and teaching at McMaster, as well as in Berlin and Brussels, representing German energy companies. Currently, she is Director Communications at G+D Currency Technology and lives in Munich.
Cash Matters was launched 2017 and promotes cash through its website, www.cashmatters.org, and its social media channels. The movement is also actively engaged in advocacy for cash and commissions studies, e.g. “Keeping Cash – Assessing the Arguments about Cash and Crime” or “Virtually Irreplaceable – Cash as Public Good”.