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Predicting the Future of Media: An Insights-Driven Approach to Strategy

About This Webinar

The world of media and entertainment has been turned upside down by the pandemic and everything that has come along with it. Marketing research professionals are being tasked with predicting the future – without a crystal ball to speak of. But just because we’re crystal ball-less doesn’t mean we can’t anticipate what lies ahead.

Join the conversation with Fuel Cycle’s media research experts, Jae Hauser, director of research and insights, and John Anderson, director of customer success, on Wednesday, April 21, to unpack:
• How the pandemic catalyzed the transition to subscription-based media consumption, why it was inevitable and what it means for the future of entertainment .
• The questions marketing researchers in media and entertainment are asking to anticipate future trends in viewer loyalty, purchase decisions and viewing behaviors.
• How multi-generational homes are negotiating the remote and making subscription decisions based on what is best for the whole family.

Johnny Anderson, Director, Customer Success, Fuel Cycle
Jae Hauser, Director, Research and Insights, Fuel Cycle

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