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Cultivating an insights habitat: How McDonald’s keeps its focus on foresight

About This Webinar

For an organization to realize the full potential of their insights, those insights need an environment in which to live. And not just to survive and coexist, but to grow, interact, work and even evolve. Ultimately, to thrive.

In short, insights require an ideal habitat.

The complete insights habitat is a thoughtful combination of technology, human processes and creativity, where the lifecycle and commercial contribution of insights can be maximized to meet the requirements of any scenario. Even to the point that insights become more than the basis of decisions, but instead provide foresight.

In this joint presentation, Brian Ward, strategic insights manager at McDonald’s, and Thor Olof Philogène, CEO and co-founder of Stravito, dive into what it means to create a dynamic, flexible and interconnected insights habitat.

Together they’ll illustrate how the right insights repository makes it easy to securely centralize insights and democratize access, such that insights are integrated naturally into organizational decision-making, transforming the insights team into a strategic business partner that prepares the organization for the future – whatever it may hold.

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