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With energy markets in flux and the movement towards home and business electrification in full flight, the ability to become fully self-sufficient is becoming increasingly valuable. However, attaining fully electrical “autarky” is not straightforward. Additionally, with heating, cooling and mobility electrified, ensuring that its supply is entirely reliable is more important than ever.

Balancing an increasing number of electrical loads with onsite generation can deliver excellent outcomes, in terms of finances, security of supply, and environmentally. And the technology is available today to deliver on these outcomes.

New energy management and storage solutions are coming onto the market that allow businesses and homes to achieve autarky – essentially providing an off-grid system for grid-tied premises.

Join this upcoming pv magazine Webinar, delivered in partnership with Studer Innotec, to discover more about how autarky can be achieved in residential and commercial applications, and its benefits. With widespread electrification underway and the demand for self-sufficiency growing, learn and discuss about the latest technology from our experts, Pierre-Olivier Moix, CTO and board member at Studer Innotec, Julien Morard, CEO at Smartsuna, and Pablo Muñoz, head of marketing at Studer Innotec.

The webinar will include presentations addressing:
• The principles and benefits of electrical autarky
• How fully self-sufficient electrical systems can be delivered for residential customers
• How “smart energy hubs” can manage every energy flows to deliver a range of solar priority functionalities
• The role of high-quality battery energy storage systems in self-sufficient energy systems
• The importance of safety and durability in battery-based systems and how this can be achieved in production, design, and installation

Register today to put your questions about these new developments to our expert speakers, by submitting questions in advance or during the live discussion. Jonathan Gifford, editor in chief at pv magazine global, will be the moderator of this webinar.

Registration for this pv magazine Webinar is free of charge.
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