Recorded Wed, January 27, 2021 3:00 pm (EST)
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    Utilities continue to look for ways to add renewable energy resources to their portfolios, not only to diversify their generation but also to satisfy customers demanding cleaner energy options. Reliability and resiliency of the power supply also is top of mind for utilities and ratepayers at a time when a steady supply of electricity is more important than ever.

    Microgrids have become an important avenue for utilities, providing opportunities to incorporate renewables into the power mix while enhancing the reliability of the power supply. This webcast features experts on microgrid design and installation, who will review the “Why” behind the technology, the “Plan” to incorporate it into the utility portfolio, and the “Install,” with an example of how one utility worked closely with its customer to accomplish the goals of satisfying the customer’s wish for renewable energy and a reliable source of power. These experts will discuss the technology options and applications, along with the risks and rewards of creating service models and unique power supplies, to enable the use of reliable microgrids in the utility business model.
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