Our final episode of the PayIt Digital Government Excellence Symposium will be the culmination of everything learned throughout the Digital Government Excellence Symposium — specifically, how to thoughtfully engage residents and drive channel shift.

You’ll leave the webinar with strategies that engage, educate, and empower residents to embrace the digital services provided by your agencies. By implementing these strategies, your agency can enhance resident satisfaction, streamline processes, and create a more efficient and accessible government experience for all.
  • Effective approaches to capture residents' attention and generate interest in digital government services
  • How to provide clear and accessible information to educate residents about the benefits and functionalities of these services
  • Methods to empower residents to confidently navigate and use digital platforms
  • Insights from successful implementations and real-world examples that showcase the positive outcomes of driving resident adoption
Jean Nobile
Senior Vice President, Operations, PayIt
Jean Nobile is a highly accomplished Operations leader known for implementing transformative processes that drive universal adoption and operational excellence. With a wealth of experience, Jean has a proven track record of success in enhancing performance and delivering exceptional customer experiences. As the Senior Vice President of Operations at PayIt, Jean leads the Operations and Customer Success teams, ensuring a strong focus on meeting client needs and driving high-level performance. Join Jean's session to gain valuable insights from her expertise in operational strategies and customer-centric approaches that foster success.
Jack Laskowitz
Vice President, Client Success, PayIt
As the Vice President of Client Success at PayIt, Jack Laskowitz is a driven leader who oversees Revenue Operations and is dedicated to delivering transformative implementations of resident engagement and digital payment processing platforms to state and local customers. With nearly a decade of experience in the telecom industry, Jack has led operations and strategy teams in bringing innovative products and concepts to market. At PayIt, his passion lies in bringing eGovernment transactional experiences to today's constituents who expect seamless, e-commerce-like interactions when engaging with government services. Join Jack as he shares his expertise and insights on delivering exceptional resident experiences in the government sector.
Julia Gutiérrez
Chief Digital Officer, City of Boston
Julia Gutiérrez, Chief Digital Officer for the City of Boston, is a visionary leader bridging technology and public policy. With a focus on accessible, inclusive, and equitable government services, she transforms interactions between citizens and government. Join her at the Digital Government Symposium for insights into the future of digital governance.
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