Career Insights: Hosted by Portland Workforce Alliance

Tune into to learn about and ask questions of STEM professionals in healthcare (Monday), engineering (Tuesday), and entrepreneurship (Wednesday).

Held from 1 PM -1:30 PM on Monday-Wednesday

Learn more about PWA and their Expo2Go about technology here: https://www.portlandworkforcealliance.org/expo2go-careers-in-technology/

Find more MESA Week Sessions on our main conference page. You can register for one session or the whole series: https://www.bigmarker.com/series/mesa-week-2020/series_summit
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  • We will kick off each session with a brief overview about what to expect and introduce our session Moderator and Guest Speakers. Our Moderator will then ask the Speaker(s) to answer questions about their work.
  • Speaker(s) will provide a brief introduction about themselves and their work.
  • Speakers will answer questions from our Moderator and the audience.
  • We will end each session with a quick survey, where MESA students who complete the survey will be entered for a raffle prize!
Featured Presenters