Recorded Wed, November 9, 2022 12:00 pm (EST)
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    Seems like everyone is a “thought leader” these days. Just about every industry player with a content budget and a blog is flooding the internet with best practices, trend pieces and event news.

    But if everyone in your industry is leading, who is following? Vendors can (and do) produce excellent content, but don’t forget that their end goal is revenue. Most thought leadership content, whether webinars or white papers, is ultimately marketing content designed to build their brand and facilitate sales.

    That’s why in 2022, the role of associations and professional societies is more important than ever. After all, if you’re not the impartial advocate for your industry, focused on educating and building the future for everyone, you can bet that someone else will try to bend your industry’s future around their profit motive.

    Watch this on-demand webinar as we discuss how your association can use content to solidify your leadership position and amplify leading industry voices.
  • Agenda
    • Own your industry space with journalist-quality content on a lean budget.
    • Create a content strategy that educates industry newcomers and recognizes experts.
    • Gain new members and re-energize your core membership audience.
    • Plan a complete content roadmap with the goal of winning important policy battles and keeping industry eyes on you.
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