Novel Diagnostics // Put your Diabetic foot ulcer patients back on their feet sooner

The first lecture will review point-of-care biomarker testing and fluorescence imaging as part of an outpatient antibiotic stewardship program. Clinical signs and symptoms may not reveal the reasons chronic wounds fail to heal. A review of recent literature reveals that CSS is inaccurate in determining clinically significant bacterial load in chronic wounds. Swab cultures suffer from the same unreliability. Tissue cultures and molecular testing are more accurate, but the reports take days to return to the clinician. By this time the patient has left the clinic without needed antimicrobial therapy or on unnecessary antibiotics.

In the second lecture Professor Lazaro and Dr Ahluwalia will present the International guidelines and their recommendations for the prevention and management of DFUs. In order to reduce healing time and to initiate the treatment the sooner, making the right diagnosis and implanting the best standard of care are key component to efficient DFUs management.

Diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) represent a high burden for patients, Health Care Professionals and health authorities. Therefore, wound dressing is of significant importance to promote the wound healing process. TLC-NOSF technology has proven its efficacy to reduce healing time of DFUs and is the first and only dressing recommended by International guidelines.

A fast-track pathway (FTP) DFUs was developed to allow a clear identification of DFU’s severity, specific management and appropriate and timely referral to a specialized setting.

This FTP was adapted to the Covid-19 situation in order to adapt the DFUs management according to alert signs.

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  • You Don’t Know What You Can’t See: Novel Diagnostics Will Save Limbs and Lives
  • Put your Diabetic foot ulcer patients back on their feet sooner - Standard and Covid-19 health situations
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