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    These sessions will discuss the rising aspect of "Community Emergency Medicine" and how this subject affects Trust, Health Boards and Ambulance services.

    Session 1: The Far Reaching Implications of Community Emergency Medicine (CEM)
    Dr Syed Masud

    CEM is a fast growing sub-speciality of PHEM. Growing pressures on both Ambulance services and the NHS Emergency Departments have made it crucial that we look for new and innovative ways to extend “the arm of emergency medicine” into the community.
    Added to this have have been the lessons learnt from the pandemic – specific patient groups and the vulnerable must be given choice in respects to unscheduled care. It is no longer appropriate for these patient groups to be waiting in dangerous environments for hours to be seen.
    Digital technology and innovations within point-of-care testing (POCT) have made CEM a very viable option and this lecture explores the way that CEM can make a difference.
    Cardiff & Vale Health Board, University Hospital Wales in Partnership with Welsh Ambulance Service (WAST) have started a Physician Response Unit and looking at various aspects of clinical care delivery – using audit, data collection, technology and partnership working to make this system work.

    Session 2: Talk by Georgette Eaton, Clinical Practice Development Manager - Advanced at London Ambulance Service NHS Trust

    This webinar series is supported and sponsored by Galen Limited. Information intended for UK and ROI healthcare professionals only.

    MAT-PEN-UKI-000241 Date of preparation: July 2021
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