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    Managing infection and sepsis in burn injuries

    This session will cover the initial management of burn injuries and how to prevent infection. Why infection and sepsis is common in the burn injured patient. Differentiating between sepsis and the hypermetabolic response. How to treat and prevent infection of the burn wounds. How to treat and prevent sepsis in the burn injured patient.

    Kerecis for the Treatment of Deep Burns in Combination with Enzymatic Debridement

    • Significantly (p <0.001) faster wound healing in first 28 days after injury with fish skin graft when compared to Suprathel.

    • The days until epithelialization were significantly lower in the fish skin graft treated wounds (22 ± 6.3 days) than the Suprathel-treated (45.6 ± 6.6 days) and STSGtreated (34.7 ± 12.5 days) wounds.

    • At 12 months post injury fish skin graft was superior to Suprathel for regenerated skin’s sebum content and resulted in significantly higher water content than both Suprathel and STSG when compared to non-injured skin.

    • On the POSAS scores at 12 months the fish-skin treated group showed significantly lower scores for the pliability, thickness, vascularity, pigmentation, relief categories, and pain and itch scores than the Suprathel group. The fish-skin treated group also showed significantly lower scores regarding the pliability, thickness, pigmentation, and relief parameters than the STSG group.
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