Surgical Training Video | Abdominal anatomy and principles of component separation
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Abdominal anatomy and principles of component separation

This Surgical Training Video is brought to you by Cook Biotech Inc, West Lafayette, IN, USA.

In this session, Mr Dominic Slade, Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon at Salford Royal, UK, will present a surgical case with commentary. He will demonstrate the key anatomy of the abdominal wall, principles of component separation and examine a variety of clinical situations and procedures. There will be time for you to ask questions about the techniques and implements being demonstrated.

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Dominic Slade
Consultant Colorectal, Abdominal Wall and Intestinal Failure Surgeon, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Mr Slade's undergraduate training was at the University of Birmingham followed by basic and higher surgical training in Manchester and the North West of England.
Dominic has a broad colorectal and general surgical practice incorporating laparoscopic colorectal surgery for benign and malignant disease, as well as surgery for intestinal fistulas, complex Crohn's disease and abdominal wall hernias.

He is an enthusiastic trainer and has delivered cadaveric and live operating courses to over 160 delegates across the UK, Europe, Australia and China. He is the Chair of the Division of Surgery at Salford Royal, a post he has held since 2020. He has written articles and chapters on the management of intestinal failure and component separation for massive abdominal wall defects and lectures widely on these subjects. He is co-editor along with his friend and colleague Jeff Garner of Garner & Slade "A Manual of Complex Abdominal Wall Reconstruction".
This webinar will show you…
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    Biodesign® Hernia Graft
    The Biodesign® Hernia Graft is intended for implantation to reinforce soft tissues where weakness exists during ventral hernia repair.
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    Biodesign® Hiatal Hernia Graft
    The Biodesign® Hiatal Hernia Graft is used for implantation to reinforce soft tissues where weakness exists, during hiatal hernia repair.
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    Biodesign® Rectopexy Graft
    The Biodesign® Rectopexy Graft is intended to support/reinforce soft tissue in surgical procedures for open and laparoscopic repair of rectal prolapse/rectal intussusception.