AWRE Online 2021
Wednesday 3rd & Thursday 4th February 2021
How to take part:
Wednesday, 3rd & Thursday, 4th February 2021 | 4-7pm

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Sessions in this Summit
  • Watch on-demand!
    Keynote Address: Recent research and clinical developments in AWR
    With Mr Alastair Windsor and Mr David Ross
  • Watch on-demand!
    In Conversation With: Todd Heniford. Updates from the USA
    With Todd Heniford, USA
  • Watch on-demand!
    New accredited virtual platforms for flexible learning
    Session kindly brought to you by Medtronic
  • Watch on-demand!
    In Conversation With: Fred Berrevoet. Updates from Europe
    With Fred Berrevoet, Belgium
  • Watch on-demand!
    Surgical Training Video | Abdominal anatomy
    With Mr Dominic Slade, UK. Session kindly brought to you by Cook Biotech
  • Watch on-demand!
    Complex case studies: How to diagnose and treat
    With Mr Alastair Windsor & Mr David Ross
  • Watch on-demand!
    The mesh conundrum: How to choose a mesh
    With Marja Boermeester. Talk kindly supported by BD BARD
  • Watch on-demand!
    In Conversation With: Nadia & Lars
    With Nadia Henriksen, Denmark & Lars Jørgensen, Denmark
  • Watch on-demand!
    Use of poly-4hydroxybutyrate mesh in chronic mesh infection
    Session kindly supported by BD BARD
  • Watch on-demand!
    In Conversation With: Jeffrey Janis. Plastics update
    With Jeffrey Janis, USA
  • Watch on-demand!
    Free paper session: key cases and recent research
    With Molly Jakeman, UK, Charles Mansour, USA & Naila Dhanani, USA
  • Gore® - Material Innovation for Permanent Strength
    Take a look at Gore's profile