Recorded Thu, December 3, 2020 7:30 am (EST)
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    The health and happiness of employees is high on the agenda for most HR professionals, yet it's taken over almost everything else throughout the coronavirus pandemic. However, with the future still wildly uncertain, another issue which may not have been fully considered needs to be moved up the agenda - organisational risk.

    Remote working has resulted in employees often sharing their working environment with others from outside of their organisation. This may seem harmless enough, and many employers may feel that their workers expect their unconditional trust during this time, however, this new way of working may be causing a risk to the business, and therefore the workers within it.

    As the situation keeps evolving, HR needs to reassess the risks and challenges to its organisation, to ensure that they are being properly addressed. While engagement and productivity are of course vitally important, so too are good business practices and keeping employees and confidential information safe.

    This webinar will discuss how HR leaders can educate their teams on the risks of remote working without causing alarm or distress, and how managing risk can become a core pillar of company culture.
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