The world of test, especially the one of avionic testing, is moving from proprietary solutions developed by integrator or test system providers to environments more and more based on standards. This tendency is strongly induced by the budget and cycle reduction reinforced in all the aeronautic industry.

The adoption of standards will drastically reduce the software development efforts needed by allowing models and tools sharing between different entities, limiting the consequences of the hardware obsolescence, and facilitating the distributed test. As a result, the global cost of the resources involved will be reduced and the integration tests will happen earlier in the development cycle.

This webinar provides an overview of two examples of such emerging protocols:
- iDDS (Instrumentation Data Distribution System)
- VISTAS (Virtual Interoperable Simulation for Tests of Avionics Systems)

You will learn:
- The benefits of remote and virtual testing in a post-pandemic world
- The cost and time saving associated with the reduction of equipment and resources
- The use of standards to drive vendor innovation and protection from obsolescence.
Wed, Oct 13, 2021 · 3:00 PM London (GMT 1:00)
Christian Herbepin
Avionics Systems Business Director & Technology Adviser - United Electronic Industries
Christian Herbepin has worked for 38 years in ground and flight testing, starting with the software development of the avionic benches for the company now known as Airbus Helicopters, first as a subcontractor and then as team leader for this activity. In 1987 he moved from ground testing to flight testing where he was first in charge of software development and after few years became responsible for ground and flight testing means at Airbus Helicopters France. By 2012 he was nominated Airbus Group’s test methods and tools executive expert. In 2017 he was made Airbus Group’s Test Domain Roadmap owner. During recent years his efforts to promote the ED-247 standard led his colleagues to name him “VISTAS Evangelist”. He joined United Electronic Industries in April 2021 as avionics systems business director and technology adviser.
Erik Goethert
Senior Director, Business Development & Strategic Marketing, United Electronic Industries
Mr. Goethert is the Sr. Director of Business Development & Strategic Marketing at United Electronic Industries (UEI) and has designed, managed, and implemented projects that collect real-world data for Aerospace, Energy, Défense industries so they can build smart systems that are reliable, flexible and rugged. He has more than 30 years of experience in industry-wide hardware, software and I/O application solutions. He has an engineering degree from Cornell University.
Ben Sampson
Editor, Aerospace Testing International
Ben has worked as a journalist and editor, covering almost all aspects of technology, engineering and industry for the last 20 years. Initially writing about subjects from nuclear submarines to autonomous cars to future design and manufacturing technologies, he was editor of a leading UK-based engineering magazine before becoming editor of Aerospace Testing in 2017.