About This Webinar
Keywords Player Support team will share key insights on how to measure player satisfaction in your gaming community and discuss the importance of keeping your player base happy.

The team will share advice, based on years of experience, on setting KPIs across both community management and customer support functions.

Attending this digital event will give you the opportunity to learn how to look after your players, understanding how to build a deeper relationship with your players, and measure community sentiment.

You will have direct access to speak with the people behind Keywords Player Support.
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    Peter Gerson
    Senior Manager | Keywords Player Support
    Peter is a customer focused solutions crafter, always working to better understand how to improve customer support and community management. His expertise includes solutions design, project design and management, data analysis and interpretation, and the implementation of customer support tools and processes. Peter is well known as driven, resourceful individual who maintains a positive, proactive attitude and wants to help.
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    James Gallagher
    Social Media Manager | Keywords Player Support
    James takes care of Keywords Player Support's Community Management services. He has been a Community Manager in gaming for over 12 years, including spells at PlayStation and Rockstar Games. He enjoys working with clients and his team of community managers to come up with creative ways to support gaming communities.
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    Marek Niszkiewic
    Project Manager | Keywords Player Support
    Marek Niszkiewicz is a data driven Senior Project Manager who’s journey with Player Support over the last 10 years has resulted in the creation of many successful teams managing games of all genres and sizes from small indie titles to the world's most popular AAA games. Marek plays a key role in setting up new sites and studios for Keywords Player Support to facilitate its dynamic growth.