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Thu, May 6, 2021 · 6:43 PM · 45 minutes

How to improve your sales results using sales automation (Pipedrive)

Thu, May 6, 2021 · 6:43 PM · +08
Note: This webinar is part of the multi-session recurring webinar How to improve your sales results using sales automation (Pipedrive).
About This Webinar

Do you use digital tools to grow your sales results?

I don’t mean if you have a CRM system or use excel;

I mean:
• Do you have records of all interactions that your sales team and other client facing
employees have had with your clients?
• Do you have a clear overview of what deals your salespeople are working on?
• Do you have a targeted approach to increase the share of wallet with your clients?
• Do you monitor other KPIs than activities and revenue
• Do you know exactly what deals your salespeople are working on how they are

If your answer is NO to any of them, don’t worry you are not alone, and you have a great opportunity to crush your sales numbers without using tons of time and invest lots of money.

  • My formula for creating sales results.
  • The KPI I used to measure salespeople.
  • How to measure those KPIs in the sales tool that I am using and recommending.
  • The Pipelines I use for my clients engaged in industrial sales.
  • Ideas on how you can motivate your sales team to use digital tools.
  • How easy and intuitive and sales tool can be to use.
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Webinar hosting presenter Michael J
Sales Improvement Specialist
From electrician to being a trusted business partner of Fortune 500 companies' executives and winning USD $ XX million deals.

The professionals I work with are engaged in Industrial Sales, and they are typically struggling; with dropping profit caused by not winning enough new clients and losing business to low-cost competitors.

The key reason is that the sales engineers are having a technical background, not a commercial one, which means they feel comfortable speaking about the product features. Still, they find it challenging to translate the features into how their product or service can positively impact their client's business, and therefore their clients will be tempted to select the provider with the best prices.

I am a Sales Improvement Specialist who assists Sales Leaders and Business Owners in achieving significant Sales improvements with the least amount of changes to the organization with the most significant impact on their business results.
The HandsOnSales framework secures that we identify overlooked opportunities, concealed assets, bottlenecks, underperformance, ineffective routines, systems, and that we successfully implement the HandsOnSales Breakthrough program.

As a serial entrepreneur and Sales Specialist, I have garnered over 35 years of experience in international sales and business development across Africa, Eastern and Western Europe, and Asia.

High level Negotiations | Business Development | Solving Challenges | Revenue Enhancement | Cost Reduction | Business Process Enhancement
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