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Option to disable upvoting
Created by Will Danner (willdanneriv_6) LC, FL SM on March 29, 2020
Will Danner (willdanneriv_6) LC, FL SM
Sunday, March 29 at 1:26 PM
There is a common issue with people upvoting votes and causing confusion for the host that is trying to follow the questions in order.
John Morse
Sunday, March 29 at 2:19 PM
If you don't allow disabling of upvoting, at the very least allow an option to disable sorting by upvotes.
Vincent Dascher
Sunday, April 19 at 10:22 AM
Agreed, during a Q&A reading going from the top to the bottom, often the host will be reading a question in the middle, a new question will appear at the bottom and people upvoting make it jump to the top, so the host keeps going down and does not even see there was a new question. A Chronological order is less confusing for the host, or the ability to disable upvotes or sorting by upvotes.
Wednesday, May 6 at 2:29 PM
BigMarker, please add the option to disable upvotes! Confusing as a moderator when things get placed out of chronological order.