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AntiPlagiarism watermark: UserName & Email on Webinar Stream
Created by Sushil Kedia on November 17, 2019
Sushil Kedia
Sunday, November 17 at 3:49 AM
Evergreen webinars, on demand webinars & a wide variety of record, re-sell, repeat we have now. How tough is it to have a piece of code produce automatic overlay for each attendee his own first name, last name, email in corner or boundary of the webinar stream? If any attendee is indulging in screen recording of any webinar session this would demotivate and demoralize them. Certainly sharing it with anyone after recording would be proof of crime. Crime of violating copyrights. This would protect the work of bigmarker hosts on one hand and can be easily positioned and nice positioned as Personzlied Webinar Experience for attendees. Please consider. Upvotes may be slow as most of us have lost track of this upvoting facility, for a good while since so many items with low votes also get put on priority. This would make Bigmarker unique too. You can proudly right on your sales copy: Anti Plagiarism & Copyright protection tools. (for that matter you can also embed a QR core unique to each attendee along with his / her name and email in the same line). Please make this feature such that a host can choose and set which corner or margin of webinar screen this would be displayed at. And kindly see if this can happen such as it zooms in the center of the screen on arrival and fades out to the designated corner or margin! That would make a Big Mark for Bigmarker!
Solesky Melchizedek
Wednesday, February 5 at 1:25 PM
I totally agree with Sushil. There is a rise on screen recording crime and then upload it to youtube or their private hosting service. It would help the whole community and it would make BG more popular with user that sells webinars and courses. Thanks