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Q&A Question Display Feature
Created by Anna from Combin Team on July 1, 2019
Anna from Combin Team
Monday, July 1 at 2:53 AM
Please make a feature to display the question that is being answered at the moment at the main screen (screen where presentation is shown or camera image is situated). It will be more comfortable for attendees cause everybody will be able to see and understand what question is being answered now. Thanks!
Anna from Combin Team
Monday, July 1 at 2:54 AM
Like this
Thiago Quinteiro
Monday, July 1 at 11:18 AM
It's an awesome (and important) feature to increase engagement!!!
Monday, March 9 at 5:45 PM
CickMeeting has this and it’s extremely useful. As a bonus, the question therefore is also displayed in the recording.
L'équipe HEXABIM
Thursday, April 16 at 4:43 PM
this is awesome feature +1111111