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Stop emails from going to Spam
Created by Sushil Kedia on February 19, 2019
Sushil Kedia
Tuesday, February 19 at 7:30 AM
@bigmarker.com emails forced upon us are landing in Spam or Promotion tabs of gmail.com, outlook.com, hotmail.com, live.com, yahoo.com etc. ALl the usual free email providers who have cornered 95% of the email marketshare have smart algorithms that also do a lot of dumb things. With too many people using bigmarker.com as its webinar provider and all of us shooting endless emails to various types of people for various types of purposes with this @bigmarker.com is causing these vigilante algos in the email service providers of recipients to mark our emails in SPAM, Promotions or such other. THis is causing our clients to howl at us that they havent received emails. This is also destroying the franchise and brand value of the domain of bigmarker.com which is what they should really be worried about. There are far more gracious and thus effective ways to solicit new and more business. One of them the Affiliate programm has already been activated. THose amongst us who have an audience which can use bigmarker.com and we can therefore earn referral fees from will automatically be sending out the stuff to them. TO force @bigmarker.com anywhere and everywhere possible in the world more than gaining anything else bigmarker.com is becoming a universal spammer with lowering and lowering domain reputations. This is worrisome, for all, including BIGMARKER!