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Landing Page - Customizable Templates
Created by Chris Torres on April 7, 2021
Chris Torres
Wednesday, April 7 at 2:40 AM
We appreciate the Preset templates available in BigMarker. But I would like to request if maybe you can give users an option to have a fully customizable template for those wanting to design their own look and feel for their pages. For the ready templates, maybe you can add an option to change the main background to a different color or even image. Right now, only the main banner image can be changed for most of them. The ability to hide each of the visible informations or panels. Thanks!
Gerrit Cloete
Sunday, April 11 at 12:35 PM
Good idea!
Guy Stevens
Monday, April 19 at 10:06 AM
This is indeed a great downside of BigMarker right now. You have very little control over the front page. You can't even apply any text formatting. Or hide certain front page elements you don't want, like price etc.