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All Series Calendar Add
Created by Gardner Business Media, Inc. on November 2, 2020
Gardner Business Media, Inc.
Monday, November 2 at 10:29 AM
If someone registers for a series, it would be extremely useful if they could simply click a button to add every session to their calendar. No one is going to go through each session in the series and add them to their calendar.
Justin Shea
Friday, November 6 at 9:27 AM
Good idea. I was skeptical whether this is possible via ical (or vendor specific calendar event protocols / apis) but it is! https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1823647/grouping-multiple-events-in-a-single-ics-file-icalendar-stream This would be much better then sending the event for the series date as the utility of that is limited to series that only last for one day.