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Stream webinars to your audience on Facebook & YouTube Live

Easily stream multiple camera feeds, slides, screens, and videos to Facebook & YouTube.
Host Modern Webinars
The easiest way to stream multiple video feeds, slides, videos, and screenshares to Facebook & YouTube Live.
BigMarker’s webinar software is the easiest way to create vibrant multi-media events streamed to Facebook & YouTube with no special equipment required.
Stream up to 9 camera feeds, and your screen
Stream up to 9 video participants from the BigMarker webinar room to Facebook & YouTube, without the need for a mixer or advanced equipment.
Host Modern Webinars
Present Slides, Play Videos
Add presentation slides, YouTube videos, and MP4 videos to your stream. Just pre-load them into your webinar room on BigMarker before your event, and pull them up in the live event.
Host Modern Webinars
Add offers to live streams. Collect lead data from viewers.
Lead Collector gives you smart links to post offers in the Facebook and YouTube stream chats. Viewers will be redirected to your offer after providing the data you ask for.
Host Modern Webinars
More than one-off events. Recorded content drives growth.
After recording live streams or other webinars with BigMarker, we give you a channel to organize and engage your audience around your content.
  • Build your base of webinar/video content
  • Monetize with paid subscriptions (optional)
  • Engage and grow your audience
  • Integrate with your CRM & marketing platforms
Host Modern Webinars
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