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Hit Your Sustainability Goals Using a Refined Approach to Data

About This Webinar

To reach any degree of corporate sustainability goals, businesses must rethink their approach to data. Any successful approach will incorporate three core principles: increasing data resolution, making problems bigger, and avoiding IT pitfalls.

NextEra Energy, the world’s largest producer of energy from the wind and sun, recognizes that increasing data resolution was a precursor to many major breakthroughs in human history such as developing heliocentrism and sequencing the human genome, and the 21st century’s decarbonization will be no exception. To achieve the necessary scale of data resolution, paradigms of thought influencing technology advancement and business practice must shatter.

Paradigms, as the sets of rules that help us filter information to make quick decisions, keep society running as it has been running. They’re frequently useful, but when time comes to strategize for lofty goals using technology that doesn’t exist yet with cost curves that currently make no sense, paradigms pose challenge. Doubt in the viability of decarbonization solutions and disbelief that they could be economical reflect these paradigms and the need to leave them behind. Breakthroughs are not only necessary, but possible, and new models of thought will bring them to light.

Along with increased data resolution and broken paradigms, the community of change-makers must remember that strategy doesn’t have to follow the one-bite-at-a-time model encouraged by the old

elephant proverb. Instead, we can adopt the strategy of General Eisenhower during World War II: “If a problem cannot be solved, enlarge it.” Enlarging problems enables them to become more soluble and exposes more levers to pull in pursuit of progress. At NextEra Energy, enlarging the grid resilience problem requires going beyond existing generation, transmission, and distribution systems. Today, we add demand response, building management, distributed generation, electric vehicles and more to the mix to understand all the levers available while building the resilient and sustainable grid of our future.

Finally, we must avoid the common IT pitfall of overcomplication. We must streamline implementations by keeping the goal in mind and avoid work that doesn’t substantially serve the purpose. Leaving messy IT projects behind will help launch us into an efficient and sustainable future.

Tune into this webinar to learn more about NextEra’s future-first approach to data, and to hear about how this approach has worked in different project settings and implementations.

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Director Technical Sales
Dr. Rachana Vidhi is the Director of Sales Engineering at NextEra Analytics. She is currently leading the Sales Engineering team for NextEra 360™, the software platform for end-to-end energy management and decarbonization needs. Prior to this, she led the development of large-scale energy storage projects coupled with renewable generation across North America. She has extensive experience in a variety of renewable energy technologies including energy storage, wind, photovoltaic, concentrated solar thermal and fuel cells. During her career with NextEra Energy, she led the engineering design and integration of some of the first solar + storage projects as well as developed innovative technologies for hybrid resource deployment and long-term operations that have been patented. Prior to joining NextEra Energy, she worked as Research Assistant at Clean Energy Research Center at the University of South Florida and developed optimization algorithms for different renewable energy systems. Dr. Vidhi holds a Doctorate Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of South Florida and a bachelor's degree in Energy Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).
Webinar hosting presenter
Technical Sales Lead
Nicholas Licht joined NextEra with the goal of contributing to the realization of NextEra's Real Zero Initiative, both within the company and across the nation. Currently, he focuses on assisting customers in the implementation of NextEra's cutting-edge energy management software, NE360, as they embark on their decarbonization journey. Prior to his role at NextEra, Nicholas gained valuable experience in the field of combustible dust working with CV Technology. Initially serving as a Sales Engineer, he collaborated with customers to design and implement explosion mitigation protection solutions for their processes, ensuring the safety of their employees while meeting regulatory requirements. Subsequently, he transitioned into the role of R&D Engineer, where he played a key role in the development of new protective equipment, overseeing the entire process from conceptualization to full-scale testing and production. Notably, he holds a patent for the innovative explosion isolation quench valve, the first of its kind. Throughout his tenure at CV Technology, Nicholas pursued further academic achievements and obtained an MBA as well as a Master of Engineering in Industrial and Systems Engineering.
Webinar hosting presenter
Technical Sales Lead
Lester Aponte is a Technical Sales Lead for NextEra 360™ and has spent his 10-year career with NextEra Energy. Prior to joining NextEra Analytics, Lester held various positions both in NextEra Energy Resources (NEER) and Florida Power & Light (FPL). Most recently, he was a Senior Real-Time Trader where he managed NEER’s portfolio assets in real-time, which spanned across multiple RTOs such as PJM, ERCOT, MISO, CAISO, SPP and NYISO. Prior to trading he was in system operations with FPL. As an engineer in FPL, Lester worked with both distribution and transmission relay protection and then in system operations as a real-time generation & transmission dispatcher. Lester brings years of operational and market expertise in both regulated and deregulated energy markets.
Webinar hosting presenter
Project Director Technical Sales
Matthew Harbeson is a Senior Technical Sales lead for NextEra 360 energy management software services. Mr. Harbeson's experience within the energy industry includes deregulated markets, power purchase agreements, solar plus battery projects, microgrids, smart grid, energy efficiency solutions, and electric vehicle and charging infrastructure deployment. Prior to joining NextEra Analytics Mr. Harbeson was the Utility Services Director for the General Services Administration (GSA) where he oversaw all electric utility activities, a $590 million/year portfolio, and led the planning for the Federal Government's new 100% Carbon Free Electricity initiatives. Prior to GSA, he worked for the Navy as a project manager in various roles supporting the Navy's resiliency and sustainability efforts with strategic microgrid planning, critical energy infrastructure assessments, renewable energy project development, control system integration, energy performance contracting, and electric vehicle & charging infrastructure. Mr. Harbeson is an AEE Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and holds a M.S. in Energy Policy and Climate Change from Johns Hopkins University and a B.S. in Finance from Saint Joseph's University.
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