Join OMRON's upcoming webinar this March to learn more about the latest Time of Flight sensing technology that can be used to ensure patient safety. It can be used in applications where patients need to be constantly monitored for their activity, such as in elderly care, recovery from illness and surgery, or physical therapy. Cary Horan, Business Development Manager, will be going in-depth on the following Time of Flight topics:

• An overview of the Time of Flight sensor
• An introduction to Human Pose Estimation Software
• Key benefits for your applications
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    Cary Horan
    Business Development Manager
    Cary Horan attended Georgia Institute of Technology where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently the Business Development Manager for Omron, serving as America’s technical contact for Omron’s diverse sensor product offerings. He has expertise in the manufacturing field, including IoT, Healthcare, and Agriculture applications.