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    Join us for an exclusive webinar. Our experts will unravel the incredible capabilities and potential applications of this cutting-edge technology.
    Uncover the impact of significantly reduced RDS(on) on lowering conduction losses and optimizing efficiency in various operational scenarios. Delve into the narrow gate threshold voltage spread and reduced transconductance that make the OptiMOS™ 6 200 V MOSFET a superior device for paralleling, enhancing system performance. Gain an understanding of how the soft diode behavior, low reverse recovery charge, and improved linearity of output capacitance contribute to the lowest switching losses, while reducing EMI and enhancing system efficiency in applications such as server, telecom, ESS, and solar.  Learn about the unmatched combination of wide Safe Operating Area (SOA) and low RDS(on), making the OptiMOS™ 6 200 V ideal for static switching applications like Battery Management Systems (BMS).

    This webinar is a must-attend for engineers, designers, and industry professionals seeking to harness the full potential of OptiMOS™ 6 200 V MOSFET technology in their cutting-edge applications. Register now to secure your spot and stay ahead of the curve!