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The world has started moving to USB-C which is becoming the most common power source for portable electronics.

Infineon has a rich portfolio of USB-C and power delivery products that provide end-to-end solutions for USB-C Power Delivery. Its EZ-PD™ Barrel Connector Replacement (BCR) is an easy to use, cost effective solution to replace old, incompatible barrel jacks or custom connectors with USB-C. Few external components are needed. No firmware development is required.

Join Mark Fu, Sr Marketing Director, in this webinar and gain insights into the benefits of replacing legacy barrel connectors of electronic devices (up to 240W) with Infineon's highly integrated USB Type-C port controller. And learn how to best do that.

Get yourself ready for the session with Mark:

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  • Market trends and evolution of USB
  • Advantages of replacing legacy barrel connectors with USB-C in electronic devices up to 240 W
  • Use of Infineon's EZ-PD™ BCR solutions solving your design challenges
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