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Flavia Doherty
Director, Getaway Girls
Hi I’m Flavia. I’ve had a 37 year journey in youth work from being a young person, then volunteer, becoming a part time then fulltime worker in various settings and completing the local qualification and then BA Hons Professional Studies in youth and community work. Moving into the Third sector I worked at a local and national level and managed youth work for 26 years. In 2014 I won the national youth worker of the year award. As a Girls worker in Harehills 30 years ago I supported the start of Getaway Girls and returned to manage Getaway Girls in 2010. I have 2 amazing grandchildren, Luca And Bella. I have a lifelong commitment to young women centred strength based work. I’m really proud of all the young women, volunteers , staff and Trustees at Getaway Girls. In 2019 We won the Children and Young People Now Awards -Youth work award and Children and Young People’s Charity Award.