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Brigitte Lyons
Founder of Podcast Ally
Brigitte Lyons is the founder of Podcast Ally, a service that matches guest experts with the podcasts your audience tunes into each week, so you can show up and give your best interview — every time. She also goes behind-the-scenes with top podcasters in the Podcast Ally podcast.

Her team lives-and-breathes podcasts. They’ve lined up more than 200 interviews for CEOs, authors and thought leaders on podcasts ranging from Mixergy to Being Boss, Hack the Entrepreneur to What Works, Accidental Creative to Beyond the To Do List.

She also offers three CreativeLive courses for growing businesses, who are looking to get started with PR on their own.

Brigitte runs her company and produces her podcast from a 21’ fiberglass travel trailer, which is her home base as she travels the US with her ultramarathoning husband.