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Thomas Wortmann
Research Scientist, SUTD
Thomas Wortmann is a PhD candidate and studio instructor in SUTD’s Architecture and Sustainable Design pillar and a member of the Advanced Architecture Laboratory. Currently, he is preparing the defense of his PhD thesis, entitled “Efficient, Visual, and Interactive Architectural Design Optimization with Model-based Methods.” In 2013, he graduated from MIT with a Master of Science in Design and Computation, after having worked for several years as a project architect for the Dutch architectural practice of NOX/Lars Spuybroek, known for its pioneering use of digital design tools. Thomas has published several conference and journal papers and one book chapter on Architectural Design Optimization, and conducted related workshops at AAG 2016, CAADRIA 2017 and IASS 2017.
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomas-wortmann-97a6ab22/