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Natalie Latrice Holliman
Executive Director of GIRLSwSTEAM
Natalie Holliman brings to the table a raw, cutting edge, and “above all” innovative approach to preparing students for their futures and supporting educators throughout their careers. In academia she has obtained a BSE in Math and Science Education, MSE in Gifted and Talented, and a Specialist degree in P-12 Educational Leadership. As a life-long learner and an avenue to pursue one of her passions, she achieved credentials in Massage Therapy. She is currently finishing her last semester as a Ph.D. candidate at Texas Tech University focused on Global STEM Education.

Building on the creative spirit that exudes through her journey as a STEM educator, she founded GIRLSwSTEAM, a non-profit organization that provides young ladies with opportunities to engage creatively with STEAM curriculums.

Natalie appreciates and shares with listeners that leadership in the field of education is a moment to moment choice and not about title, tenure, or position but one of necessity- making the best decision for students foremost. As an author, she writes on issues of Intersectionality using Critical Theory as a lens in professional journals which equips educators with proven tools for success in the field.

Natalie is a national leader in the educational community and a sought out speaker in the area of education, mathematics, educational leadership, equity in the field, and Global STEM collaborations. Natalie uses her frank and no nonsense three-step approach to leading in the field of education to enrich, educate, and enhance the lives of students and educators each and every day.
As a lover of life, Natalie enjoys playing tennis, spending time with family, and experiencing new opportunities in new spaces.