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Ben Goldstein
Head of Content and Communications, Nutshell
A veteran writer and editor with four Shelliversaries under his belt, Ben Goldstein has guided Nutshell’s content marketing program from hopeless benchwarmer to the company’s most efficient source of inbound leads.

In his former lives as a magazine editor and an MMA blogger, Ben’s writing reached tens of millions of readers around the world. In 2015, he discovered content marketing, which turned out to be a much more reliable way to make a living.

These days, Ben is focused on supporting Nutshell’s evolution into a leading growth software platform as...calmly...as...possible, while constantly looking for opportunities to publicly brag about Nutshell’s product and team.

When he’s not working, Ben enjoys playing drums, writing fiction, watching Jeopardy!, posting complete nonsense on Twitter, and getting beaten up by his two Large Sons.