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Saskia Hopff
Saskia Hopff, born in 1969, is an Interspecies Communicator working on an energetic level with domestic & wild animals. Her journey as an IC began in 2007 when she participated in one of Anna Breytenbach’s workshops. A few workshops, a correspondence course by Wynter Worsthorne and many case studies later Saskia embarked on consulting people professionally, helping animals around the world.

She is living with her husband, 2.5 children and many furry & feathery friends on a small-holding in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.

"Since I was a child I have always felt drawn to animals. On my way to school I would invariably come across a dove with a broken wing, a lost tortoise, a bird fallen out of a nest. And always, always had the intense wish to make things better for animals.

Even then I was aware of the substantial damage we do as humans to our environment but I felt very powerless to do something about this.

It transpired early on in my school career that I am not the intellectual type. Latin & Classical Greek, although fascinating subjects, stayed a mystery to me. So becoming a doctor of any type was not an option.

My rebelliousness and inability to conform easily took me on a big detour but in the end served me really well. Because now I have learned to not only speak for nature but to speak with it."